Congratulations HRM!


As we officially mark Queen Elizabeth as our longest reigning Monarch, I reflect fondly on my surprise visit to Buckingham Palace where I attended the Commonwealth Reception.

Congratulations Liz!

Commonwealth reception at Buckingham Palace

Clariscia and the Queen

Clariscia and the Queen

Clariscia has been reflecting on her time spent over the past year and remembered a very memorable time last year when she attended the Commonwealth Reception which was held in Buckingham Palace. October 28th 2013 Clariscia was invited to Buckingham Palace where she had the opportunity to meet the Queen.

Clariscia described the Palace as huge! A vintage regency styled decor with the highest ceilings. She described the night as fluent and said that the Royal family were extremely friendly and sociable as were all of the staff. The food was amazing. Unusual canapies were served, including a delicious venison Sheppard’s pie along with the finest Champagne. Clariscia was able to socialise with many high commissioners from all parts of the Commonwealth and was also mistaken for being a high commissioner herself until she explained that she was in fashion and a couturier. Many of the gusets were interested to hear more about what she does.

Clariscia would like to again thank the High Commissioner of Jamaica, Mrs. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba for propossing her name forward to be invited to this very special event.

Article written by Imani Cozier